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Iron deficiency in children

“IRON DEFICIENCY IN CHILDREN -ANEMIA PARENTING ADVICE ON PREVENTION” Iron deficiency in children is a common worldwide problem. States show

Inguinal hernia repair in children

Surgery guide for inguinal hernia repair in children Are you a worried parent whose kid has a small bump near

Scabies in Children.

Scabies in Children | Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment Children are beautiful creatures and because they are always on the move

 Chalazion in children

First time ever hearing about this condition? Maybe your child has already experienced it but you aren’t exactly sure of

Down Syndrome in Children

Understanding Down syndrome, its causes, symptoms, and diagnosis: Parents who have little kids always pray for a healthy and perfect

Down Syndrome

How to manage Down Syndrome Some people argue that giving birth to a child with Down syndrome is difficult but

Aggression in Children

Aggressive behavior is when a child or young adult behaves badly toward peers, siblings, or adults. They can be feeling

Comprehending Childhood Trauma: Its Effect on Behavior

Introduction: Physical, sexual, and/or emotional abuse, as well as physical and/or emotional neglect, before to the age of eighteen, are

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