Manifest Differently Abled - Dr Owais Rafiq
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Manifest Differently Abled

About the Book

“Parenting in today’s fast-paced technological existence is both enriching and challenging. Parenting a gifted child is all the same, if not more. Meet Amena and her adorable son shahzaib and partake of Amena’s journey as she beautifully and gracefully grows up her special needs son shahzaib, and recounts her persona; growth, learnings and fulfillment through the process.


This book unveils tips for navigating daily challenges with a special needs family member, a roadmap for rehabilitation planning, and valuable information on accessing treatments and therapies. The book provides links to global websites and mobile apps dedicated to special needs, offering a comprehensive guide on supporting and empowering families. It also delves into educating children on fostering the right attitudes towards disabilities, promoting general public awareness

About The Author​

Amena Saltanat

Amena saltanat is living in the Kingdom of Bahrain. She is a fitness enthusiast and trainer. Amena has founded her own fitness studio which focuses on people’s physical and mental health. 

She is a great advocate of people with special needs rights, and volunteers for different Special Needs Organizations in South Asia and Middle East. This book is her first attempt on this topic to spread awareness and provide information from her experience of raising a special needs child

Message for Appreciation


Thank you, Amena Saltanat, for sharing the profoundly moving and inspiring ‘Manifest Differently Abled.’ Your book is a journey of love, resilience, and hope, and it resonated deeply with my vision. I highly recommend it to everyone—it’s not just a story but a valuable resource for understanding and appreciating differently-abled individuals. Grateful for this impactful read!