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About Us

Dedicated Pediatric Anesthesiologist and Child Healthcare Advocate, based in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

My mission is to make a positive impact on the lives of children and their families through improving safety, education, and wellness. I am passionate about pediatric anesthesia, regional anesthesia, patient information, sports medicine, and improving quality in anesthesia.

Outside of work, I am a proud father and a loving husband who enjoys traveling, hiking, cycling, swimming, playing soccer, playing video games, watching MMA and reading about updates in medicine and medical literature.

I aim to create a welcoming and informative space where healthcare professionals, parents, educators, and children’s advocates can engage in meaningful discussions and share valuable insights.




Dr. Owais Rafiq is a dedicated Pediatric Anesthesiologist and influential child healthcare advocate based in the Kingdom of Bahrain. With a passion for ensuring the safety and comfort of young patients, he is a voice educating and empowering parents with knowledge and information about medical care.

Beyond the operating room, Dr. Rafiq actively engages in community advocacy,
promoting awareness and education on paediatric health issues. His commitment to
holistic child well-being is evident in his medical practice and broader efforts to create a
healthier and safer environment for the younger generation.

Dr. Owais Rafiq’s dedication is evident through his recent book, “Brave Khalid,” a valuable resource designed to educate and alleviate the anxiety experienced by children before undergoing surgery.

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