Brave Khalid - Dr Owais Rafiq
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About the Book

Introducing “Brave Khalid” – a heartwarming children’s story that unfolds the courageous journey of a young boy navigating the world of surgery. Authored by the esteemed Pediatric Anesthesiologist Dr. Owais Rafiq, this book is a thoughtful resource to guide children, parents, and hospitals to understand and address the anxiety and fears associated with paediatric surgery. 

Brave Khalid goes beyond a mere narrative; it is a compassionate leap of understanding, information and comfort to little children grappling with anxiety and fears before surgical procedures.

Through relatable storytelling and engaging illustrations, the book takes a child-friendly approach to explain the surgical journey. Doing so imparts a clearer understanding of what to expect during surgery and provides much-needed reassurance, transforming a potentially daunting experience into a more manageable one.

My inspiration to write Brave Khalid stems from a deep commitment to easing the fears of children undergoing surgery and providing support to families and hospitals through the process.” – Dr. Owais Rafiq

Brave Khalid incorporates features and illustrations that both children and parents will find engaging and appealing:
• Vibrant and Child-Friendly Illustrations:
The book is enriched with vivid and lively illustrations, carefully crafted to captivate the interest of young readers. These illustrations bring the story to life and make it visually engaging for children.
• Expressive Characters:
The characters in the book are detailed with expressive facial features that convey emotions effectively. It allows children to connect with the characters on an emotional level and understand their feelings.
• Visual Storytelling:
The illustrations play a crucial role in visual storytelling, helping to convey the narrative and messages of the book. They make the story more accessible to children, particularly those who may not be strong readers yet.
• Engaging Layout:
The layout of the book is created to be child-friendly, with easily readable text and a balance of text and images. It ensures the book is visually engaging and accessible to its target audience.
• Age-Appropriate Design:
The book is thoughtfully designed to suit the age group it caters to. The illustrations and features are tailored to the comprehension level and interests of children who may be anxious about surgery.
• Reassuring Imagery:
The book includes imagery that provides reassurance and comfort. For example, illustrations of caring healthcare professionals, supportive family members, and a positive outcome can help alleviate anxiety and build a sense of security. 

Unique Aspects of the Book

Engaging Story

Immerse children in a captivating narrative that sparks their imagination and curiosity, making the reading experience educational, enjoyable and memorable. 

Interactive Colouring Activity for Children

Adding a creative dimension to the book with an engaging colouring activity, promoting artistic expression and engaging young minds in the hospital to relax and be calm. 

Hospital Essentials Checklist for Parents and Child

Offer practical guidance to parents through a detailed checklist of essential items for the hospital visit. This list ensures preparedness and minimizes potential stress for families. 

About the Author


Dr. Owais Rafiq is a dedicated Pediatric Anesthesiologist and influential child healthcare advocate based in the Kingdom of Bahrain. With a passion for ensuring the safety and comfort of young patients, he is a voice educating and empowering parents with knowledge and information about medical care.

Beyond the operating room, Dr. Rafiq actively engages in community advocacy,
promoting awareness and education on paediatric health issues. His commitment to
holistic child well-being is evident in his medical practice and broader efforts to create a
healthier and safer environment for the younger generation.

Dr. Owais Rafiq’s dedication is evident through his recent book, “Brave Khalid,” a valuable resource designed to educate and alleviate the anxiety experienced by children before undergoing surgery.


Dr. Sadaf is a compassionate paediatric orthopaedic Surgeon focused on improving the lives of children with disabilities. With expertise in musculoskeletal problems, she provides holistic care, empowering her patients through specialized treatments and support to enhance mobility and quality of life. 


Dr. Buthaina Bucheery is a talented individual hailing from Bahrain. With a background as a medical professional, specifically as a consultant anaesthesiologist with 23 years of experience, she has extensive knowledge and expertise in the healthcare field. Her dedication to her profession is evident through her long-standing career and commitment to supporting the well-being of patients.

Beyond her medical pursuits, Buthaina also possesses a passion for the arts. She is particularly fond of painting and excels in watercolour artwork. Her artistic talents have led her to be part of the Bahrain Fine Arts Society, where she can connect with fellow artists and showcase her creativity.

In addition to her professional and artistic pursuits, Buthaina is a loving mother of four children. Her fondness for children extends beyond her own family, as she has also worked with children in a hospital setting. Her experiences and interactions with young patients have provided her with a unique perspective on their needs and concerns. Buthaina’s diverse range of interests, from medicine to art, coupled with her love for children, reflects her multifaceted nature and passion for making a positive impact in her community. 


Dr jack

Dr. Jacinta McGinley is a highly esteemed Consultant Paediatric Anaesthesiologist making a significant impact in paediatric medicine. With her dedicated practice primarily based at CHI at Crumlin, she plays a pivotal role in ensuring the well-being of young patients, particularly in acute pain management and paediatric sedation.

Dr. Jacinta McGinley’s dedication to the well-being of children extends beyond her clinical roles. Her commitment to excellence and supportive nature make her an invaluable member of the healthcare community. Through her work, she embodies the qualities of a caring and skilled medical professional, ensuring that each child receives the best possible care in their journey to recovery.