Brave Khalid: Visit To The Hospital - Dr Owais Rafiq
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Brave Khalid: Visit To The Hospital

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Book Information:

  • Reading Age- 5 to 12 yrs.
  • No. Of Pages- 44 pages
  • Language- English and Arabic
  • Country of Origin- Bahrain

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Brave Khalid- The first book to help children with Procedural Anxiety.

Brave Khalid is a heartwarming story for children that unfolds the courageous journey of a young boy navigating the world of surgery.

Authored by the esteemed Pediatric Anesthesiologist- Dr. Owais Rafiq, this book is a thoughtful resource to guide children, parents, and hospitals to understand and address the anxiety and fears associated with pediatric surgery.

Brave Khalid goes beyond a mere narrative; it is a compassionate leap of understanding, information, and comfort to little children grappling with anxiety and fears before surgical procedures.

My inspiration to write Brave Khalid stems from a deep commitment to easing the fears of children undergoing surgery and providing support to families and hospitals through the process.– Dr. Owais Rafiq

Unique Aspects of the Book

  • Engaging Story: Immerse children in a captivating narrative that sparks their imagination and curiosity, making the reading experience educational, enjoyable, and memorable.
  • Interactive Colouring Activity for Children: Adding a creative dimension to the book with an engaging coloring activity, promoting artistic expression and engaging young minds in the hospital to relax and be calm.
  • Hospital Essentials Checklist for Parents and Child: Offer practical guidance to parents through a detailed checklist of essential items for the hospital visit. This list ensures preparedness and minimizes potential stress for families.


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